Tropical Area is a relatively small practice, by choice, with a personal approach to the work of Architects ,Designers and Project Managers . Our team rarely exceed 25 professionals, small by Asian standards and we fully specialise in Hospitality projects . We limit the quantity of projects we undertake to guaranty the full involvement of all our key persons in the projects we follow. The key persons in our company are partners, linked by friendship and common experience.

TropicalArea team
Tropical Area Sdn Bhd
Established : 1999

Alain Laplace
Christie Ching
Joan Ho
Lim Kee Chuan
Philippe Villeroux
Yap Soh Eng
Yewmun Chan
Yves Salharang

PT Tropical Area
Established 2006

Queena Djajaprawira
Theera Sitsayanarain
Dwika Muhamad Dien
Iris Sudjarwo
Kenny Pramata
Eric Subroto
Willy Steven Febrianto
William Adiputra Dharmawan
Adis Hijriah  
Dominique Laksamana
Blasius Andy