Our first contact with Soneva was at Soneva Gili in 2000. The resort was in construction and Sonu asked us to help with the project management and to see to the design of some elements, completing the overwater villas, the  jetty two design, the pool and other items. Even if our input was limited in the overall resort and the project management incredibly difficult,  it was a fascinating for our startup company. We met there Rome and Queena, who now lead our Jakarta office. Rome was site manager and Queena was directing the construction of the overwater bungalows. The architecture concept was very different from what we knew from our experience in French Polynesia, and the construction of the restaurant roof was epic. We had to make small model to get it working , as it was so difficult to conciliate shape and structural integrity . We designed several years later an extension for Soneva Gili, with additional water villas, reserve villa and overwater arrival. The extension project was interrupted by the sale of the property.