We came to Maldives in 2000 to transform a local resort into a Club Med, supposed to run  as such for a few years only. 20 years later Club Med Kani is still operating. We designed in 2005 new overwaters villas to post-tsunami standards, the first such resort at the time in Maldives, then , almost every year there has been an extension, a renovation or an upgrade. Kani has always been challenging, It is a work of compromises, of adaptation, of small improvments. It has never been the resort dreamed on a blank sheet of paper, created on a virgin island. But as it is it’s charming , full of character . Kani acknowledge its age, its past, the layers of its 40 years history as a resort island. Our challenge was to respect its identity, to enhance its insularity, the extraordinary experience of a Maldivian island, where one goes from the unspoiled, incredible beach to the dense vegetation of the interior. The design work was to find the perfect balance between the new and the existing , adding without loosing .